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         About Stych and Our New Collection, NMBL Vault

        Jim Stych, a seasoned professional Haberdasher, has been designing wardrobes and providing custom-made clothing to a prestigious clientele. From stars and dignitaries to Olympic Gold Medalists and professional athletes, including his valued in-store clients, Jim's expertise is highly regarded. With a track record dating back to 1990, he has been making house calls to serve his discerning clientele.

        At our establishment, we are proud to offer over a century of combined experience from our team of haberdashers, tailors, and Image Consultants. Their wealth of knowledge ensures that you receive the absolute best in personalized custom-tailored attire.

        Whether it's men's or women's business attire, formal wear, or dress casual outfits, we excel in providing custom tailoring that guarantees the perfect fit. Dress for success on any occasion with our impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.


        About NMBL Vault 

        The first — and to this very day — the most James Bond-like figure I ever served as an executive protection client was a dual U.S.-Belgium agent who was given the authority to carry a concealed weapon even on international flights. As you know, earning that degree of distinction and responsibility is a big WOW, even now!
        That was ten years ago. Since then, I have had the privilege of becoming a well-regarded consultant, measuring, and dressing high-profile professionals for suits, coats, jackets, and trousers across the country, including FBI, DOD, and city and state law enforcement officers.
        I’ve even designed durable, flexible, wicking “battlefield” and business attire for well-known football stars during their professional and post-sport careers, when setting themselves up for future success requires more than getting a football into end zones or between goal posts.
        My career as a custom clothier began in 1990, and my status as an executive protection consultant and dresser has been a constant thread in my business since 2013.
        Among my chief assets is that I’m an avid listener. I attended college on a speech scholarship and became an active participant and presenter for Rotary, the Optimist Club, Chambers of Commerce, and other organizations. And it was during those early formative years that I discovered the value of listening at least four times as often as I spoke.
        As a result, I discovered various organizations’ and individuals’ pain points, the places in their careers where they felt pinched, uncomfortable, or poorly prepared for the challenges they were frequently presented with during their day-to-day activities at work in challenging fields.
        I started out helping individuals dress for success in the business world. Among my most notable earlier corporate clients were Merrill Lynch, TransAmerica Insurance Salespersons, and Keller Williams Agents and Brokers, folks whose first impressions had to convey professionalism, class, and success to prospective clients.
        Later on, I began to counsel and clothe sports figures (as noted above) during and after their careers in sports ended. Again, dressing them to convey professionalism, confidence, and success.
        My first foray into executive protection came when I became an image consultant to the bodyguard for hip hop artist Logic. As a result of that successful venture, I gained a stellar reputation as someone who listens acutely to the needs of each client before I suggest (or design!) clothing to best serve them.
        Before long, I was sought out to teach in various training academies (including Covered 6 and Pacific West Academy, two of the six top teaching academies in the western hemisphere) to explain how to dress to best effect to land the careers students truly wanted. I hired and trained interviewers for five years. To obtain the additional knowledge I felt I needed, I sat in on scores of meetings with Human Resources personnel, many of whom I interviewed to find out exactly what they were looking for during the first interview and how quickly they made up their minds. This experience confirmed my theory that a number of them considered a candidate a hit or a miss within seconds, even before the first words were spoken, or a handshake exchanged! So, yes, attire matters!

        But attire doesn’t merely suggest professionalism, competence, and emotional intelligence.
        In the executive protection field, attire can be a matter of life or death.
        As time went on and I became more informed about executive protection pain points, I began to look for clothing that served law enforcement and security guards satisfactorily — and I began to design clothing where existing products from other manufacturers fell short of the
        Over time, I developed three generations of executive protection garb, all of which were vetted and endorsed by professionals in the defense, security, and entertainment fields. Some of our G1 generation attire was worn by stuntmen in "Mission Impossible, Fall Out" and someone suggested that our slogan should be Stuntman-Tested and Hollywood-Approved. With each endorsement and iteration, more executive protection-seeking individuals came my way based on those endorsements.
        Today Stych Inc. & NMBL Vault Collection offers G3 (third generation) Stealth attire that looks civilian (hence the moniker “stealth”) even though it is designed to serve law enforcement and security officers who need to stay safe, cool, comfortable, and flexible enough to be able to stoop, roll, jump, run and fight.
        Stealth attire also needs to offer instantaneous access to the weapons, tools, and first aid items professionals need to do their jobs. The attire needs to be durable, and easy to clean, too. And executive protection footwear must be extremely comfortable and lightweight to serve for long hours every day, and sufficiently flexible with enough traction to serve adequately during foot chases.
        Our 3G ARMOR attire is the thinnest and lightest in the world and is DOD and First Article Certified. (Because bad guys don’t wait patiently for law enforcement to don their bulletproof vests, our Armor options give officers lightweight, superior air flow with gel pack air channels, and comfortable protection that they can wear all the time, even in August in scorching Las Vegas without basting in their own juices.)
        During the past ten years, a diverse array of professionals has called Stych their go-to shop for all things executive protection. From prosecutors to political candidates, and from police officers and sports figures, we’ve served them all with the same care and diligence that we served our very first “James Bond” customer.
        We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and would love to show you around, in person or virtually. There’s more to tell. What remaining questions do you have? I’d love to answer them for you!

        P.S. Among our raving EXECUTIVE PROTECTION “fans” are professionals with the FBI, DOD,

        For more information, you may contact me direct, Jim at 805-320-1905, or check us out at: www.NMBLVault.com

        Owners for Stych Inc, Bespoke by Custom Styches and NMBL Vault are:

        Jim Stych - President/CEO/Co-Owner/Image Consultant

        Sharon Uhlig - Stych - Vice President/CFO/Co-Owner/Advertising