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        The NMBL Vault Collection is produced by and provided for Stych Inc., your Suit Super Store: www.StychInc.com.   

        Introducing the highly anticipated G3/Stealth - Tactical Suit, now available from NMBL Vault. As the third generation of our specialized suits, the G3 is designed for individuals in the Law Enforcement and Protective Services Industry who require mobility. With a focus on functionality, concealment, and durability, this suit is tailored to accommodate specialized equipment and ensure optimal performance.

        At NMBL Vault, we proudly serve as the personal clothier for companies specializing in celebrity, diplomatic, and executive protection. When your movement requires the agility of a stuntman, we are your trusted source for all your attire needs.





        • Enhanced Flexibility: The suit is crafted from stretch fabric that retains its shape and drape memory, allowing for unrestricted movement while maintaining a perfect silhouette.
        • Maximum Mobility: Experience unparalleled freedom of movement with the stretchable lining, enabling a full range of motion to adapt to any situation.
        • Breathable Comfort: Stay cool and comfortable in high-stress environments with the "Air Flow" lightweight fabric and a half lining in the coat and pants, ensuring optimal breathability.
        • Coat Innovation: The internal 5-pocket design includes specialty pockets with security closures, providing convenient storage solutions.
        • Tactical Pants: Designed for durability and functionality, the pants feature a double reinforced waistband capable of supporting up to a 2' wide Duty Belt.
        • Stealthy Concealment: The suit is expertly styled to blend in seamlessly while optimizing the concealment of essential equipment, enhancing situational awareness.
        • S Ready: Side vents on the coat allow for quick access to weapons, while the suit fabric is specifically designed to facilitate the use of Martial Arts techniques.
        • Long-lasting Durability: Crafted from a resilient w blend, the suit boasts reinforced seams and pockets to ensure exceptional durability and performance over time.
        For Online Orders and Virtual Shopping - Please visit: www.NMBLVault.com



          Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with this impeccably designed suit. Crafted with stretchable and breathable fabric, it offers exceptional comfort and freedom of movement. Whether you need to make a lasting impression or stay agile throughout the day, this well-fitted suit caters to all your needs.

          Achieve your finest appearance with unwavering confidence, knowing that your suit is the least of your concerns, even in challenging situations.

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